Enterprise networking partner
Azlan is an enterprise value-added distributor with deep knowledge in advanced technologies. We provide complementary services that enable resellers to deliver fully-integrated, converged solutions that support business transformation to customers.
Accelerated growth in converged technology has made virtualisation, data storage, unified communications, mobility and security – and cloud computing – integral components of the network infrastructure.
These technologies are driving an accelerated the pace of change – enabling organisations to become more agile, dynamic and responsive. They have also made the network even more vital, not only to the efficient running of day-to-day operations, but also to the development and growth of the enterprise.
The integration of hardware platforms, infrastructure and data storage means the skill sets required to understand, design and implement complete solutions have become wider and far more complex. 
A deep knowledge of virtualisation and security, which underpins these technology segments, is critical in today’s loud-driven world.
Azlan is the distributor with that knowledge.
Underpinning the value of converged solutions Delivering clear and tangible value
We have a deep understanding of each technology segment and its importance in the enterprise technology stack.
We have the technical skills and know-how to ensure that these solutions can be applied to deliver tangible benefits – in areas such as business continuity, scalability and agility, security and compliance – and thus achieve effective business transformation.
In addition to industry-leading technical skills and capabilities, we provide the value-added distribution, channel development and volume services that underpin the delivery of converged solutions.
As part of the Tech Data Collection of Specialists, we can draw on world-class logistics, supply chain management services and financial and credit resources too.  
Through our channel development services we provide simple, effective ways to our partners to generate, find, and win new opportunities, reducing the time it take for resellers to generate revenues from new solutions, technologies and services.
We provide vendor-specific programs, professional services and business development marketing to support all your business needs.
Whether it’s providing education and enablement programs, such as TD Cloud, generating end-user opportunities for our partners, or engaging our industry-leading Solution Architects to win complex projects, these services deliver a very clear and tangible value.
No other distributor can deliver such a complete and differentiated range of services, backed from world-class supply chain management and effective leading channel enablement services.
We look forward to working with you.
Azlan delivers truly differentiated value