Transforming the Data Centre Our approach
Virtualisation and cloud computing are transforming the data centre. The large, inflexible collections of individual physical servers, each dedicated to a particular service or application, consuming massive amounts of power, space and placing tremendous management burden on internal resources, are gone.
By making intelligent use of new, more dynamic and virtualised solutions, we can create responsive, scalable and highly efficient data centres that give organisations tremendous versatility, guaranteed availability and much lower cost.
We can build data centres that are capable of growing to meet requirements almost instantly and much easier to manage.

We can apply the very latest server technologies to provide more robust performance and flexibility and deploy virtualisation software to make optimum use of all available resources.
We can deploy advanced fibre-channel storage area networks and flash arrays to provide expandability and lightning-fast responsiveness. We can apply private and public cloud solutions and services to create hybrid infrastructures that deliver unprecedented agility and investment protection. 
Within our dedicated data centre practice, we have all the knowledge and skills needed to support you in delivering advanced data centre solutions to your customers.
Our highly capable Solutions Architects and specialists understand every aspect of today’s dynamic, multi-layers and virtualised data centre and how the very latest technologies can be deployed to maximum effect.

You can draw on our experience and in-depth multi-vendor expertise to address the most complex and in-depth challenges.
Our close partnerships with leading infrastructure vendors, including HP (on servers, storage and networking) and VMware, Cisco and Violin Memory, means that we have access to the very latest technologies and the capability to support all your needs.

Our team will work with your sales and technical staff to design, develop and implement effective data centre solutions that drive higher levels of efficiency and lower costs for your customers.