Delivering true  convergence        Our approach
The advantages of having a single, unified network infrastructure for data, voice and video are easy enough to comprehend. Delivering those benefits however, requires skilled application of the different technologies that when used together in a full integrated way, deliver truly unified communications.

Customers will, quite rightly, refuse to compromise when it comes to availability and quality of communications – for digital messaging or voice. With the rise of mobility, being able to keep staff connected and available, securely and with a level of performance that matches what they’d expect at their desk, has become vitally important.

More organisations are making use of collaboration tools to enrich the experience of teams who want to work together without having to all be in the same place at the same time, every time they need to call a meeting. Increasingly, video is being used to enhance one-to-one dialogues and to get ideas across with more impact.

As all of these interactions become possible for ordinary everyday users of IT, expectations within organisations rise – and those who don’t keep pace, will inevitably fall behind.
Truly unified communications, conferencing and collaboration and video and telepresence are now becoming essential to the smooth, efficient running of organisations.

But bringing networks together, into a single converged infrastructure presents a number of challenges – and with it considerable opportunities for VARs with the understanding of business needs and the capabilities to apply unified communications technologies in a way that will deliver clear and tangible benefits to customers
Within Azlan’s unified communications practice you will find all the specialist expertise and understanding that you need to successfully bring voice, data and video together and thus enable enhanced collaboration and more effective communications for your customers.
No-one has more experience in working with reseller partners in developing and delivering unified communications solutions based on Cisco’s world-leading technologies and Microsoft’s ground-breaking Lync software.
Our Solutions Architects and specialists will use their in-depth knowledge to craft solutions that are technically and operationally excellent and our business development managers will help you take the unified communications message to market and develop new potential.

From simple converged networking solutions for SMBs, to highly integrated and automated systems for advanced call centres and complete collaboration and telepresence solutions for large organisations with multiple sites and hundreds of users working in different locations on different days, or on the move, Azlan has the experience and know-how to support you in meeting the unified communications needs of all your customers.