Tech Data Advanced Solutions runs market-driven and vendor-specific programs that help you to maximise available opportunities.  We run a number of carefully co-ordinated and managed initiatives designed to enable resellers for particular opportunities around technologies or markets, such as the Public Sector or the cloud. We develop and launch these programs where we see significant emerging opportunities and where resellers need development and engagement support. 
Tech Select
 Tech Data Cloud Solutions
 Public Sector
 Cisco Momentum
Tech Select bridges the gap between vendor development programs and resellers who want to grow their business. It enables resellers to optimise the resources available to them through vendor initiatives, such as Cisco Select Excellence and Cisco Challenge & Reward, for example. In doing so, we enable resellers to maximise the impact of the time and effort they put into increasing their knowledge of vendor solutions and taking them to market. 
Tech Data Cloud Solutions provides access to a knowledge base and a set of enablement tools to help you understand and get started in the cloud. In addition, it provides access to vendor cloud programs and gives the reseller a single point of discovery, development and enablement for private, public and hybrid cloud services.
Public Sector – our program focuses on helping resellers to understand the specific needs of education, healthcare and government organisations and the processes used for tendering and selecting suppliers. We provide tailored training for each of these segments and offer active support and business development assistance to all resellers, whether they are already have an established presence or are completely new to the public sector.