Tech Data Advanced Solutions has been the sole Whiptail value added distributor since July 2012. During that time we have built up a dedicated team to support Whiptail in their drive to recruit and develop partners in the UK as well as integrated their arrays into our Business Solution Centre for partners to evaluate and run POC with clients.

Resources available to Tech Data Advanced Solutions resellers

Tech Data Advanced Solutions offers its resellers a broad range of services to enable them to grow their business, both WHIPTAIL focussed and more generic. 

We can work with your organisation in a variety of areas including:
​​​​​​• Sales and technical training
• Solution Architecture
• End-user customer Sales engagement
• Demonstrations and proof of concept
• Pre Sales support- quotation, competitive positioning
• Deal registration
• Post Sales Professional Services
• Comprehensive GTM planning
• Marketing support
• Lead Generation.

As an Tech Data Advanced Solutions partner you also get access to our state of the art Business Solutions Centres (BSC), located across the country in Birmingham, Heathrow and Warrington (also available for remote connections); these centres offer you and your customer a chance to see WHIPTAIL in a working environment, deliver proof of concepts and benchmarking exercises.

Cisco announced on 29th October their acquisition of WHIPTAIL; a leading provider of high performance scalable solid-state memory systems that enable organisations to simplify data centre and virtualised environments and process more data in less time, leading to significant time and cost savings. Whiptail’s market leading portfolio scales from the 2TB WT1100 through the Accella and Invicta an onto the 360TB Infinity providing unrivalled price performance enhancements for applications, databases, virtualisation and network infrastructure.

With the acquisition of WHIPTAIL Cisco is evolving its UCS architecture by integrating data acceleration capability into the compute layer through the provision of Flash memory. Integrating WHIPTAIL's solid state memory systems into the computing fabric of UCS will simplify customers' data centre environments by delivering the required performance in a fraction of the data centre floor space with comprehensive unified management.