Our Cloud Strategy

In a market that is growing at more than 20 percent year-on-year, the cloud is the new way for end users to purchase and consume their IT. Whether they’re motivated by cost saving, agility, compliance or scalability, the cloud provides the platform for SMB, enterprise and public sector organisations to quickly deploy next-generation IT solutions, while minimising risk.

Our stategy at Tech Data is to provide the right tools and resources to enable resellers to make the transition from a more traditional model to delivering Cloud based sales. Whether you want to build public or hybrid cloud solutions or you’re an established MSP, or you’re just beginning to provide cloud services, our Tech Data Cloud Solutions channel enablement programme can help you achieve revenue quickly.

Tech Data Cloud Solutions has been designed to help mid-market resellers develop their cloud business and transition to new processes quickly, working closely with key vendors such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco. 

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