End-user computing is changing rapidly and increasing in diversity through consumerisation, BYOD, virtualisation, the proliferation in mobile technologies, and the opportunities through Cloud/SAAS/ITAAS. Furthermore, the need to check compatibility of apps and devices before migrating from XP to Win 7 has provided customers with an ideal opportunity to rethink desktop strategy and analyse the end user computing environment. Using Centrix IQ, customers can do this in a fast & fully automated fashion that will help reduce cost & complexity of the Win 7 migration and will also enable them to make more informed decisions on strategy development, technology selection, desktop and application deployment and capacity planning. Organisations using Centrix Software have generated significant savings used to fund the new strategic projects/initiatives.

It’s hard to overstate how critically important and vitally useful an insight into existing environments is to enable maximum savings, identify both the best technology choices & optimal delivery mechanisms for applications to a device for best end-user experience. Before designing or deploying any new infrastructure or initiating a technology project, it is critical to first understand who is currently using the existing IT services and how are they using it. Analyzing user demand and actual consumption of IT (across all applications, content & devices) identifies what can be optmisied, re-provisioned & rationalized and means projects can be hugely simplified, streamlined, accelerated and de-risked, regardless of platform – physical, virtual, hosted or web.

WorkSpace Analytics –  WorkSpace iQ http://www.centrixsoftware.com/products/workspace-iq/

Centrix Workspace IQ provides new levels of visibility quickly and easily into the dynamics of an end user computing environment, metering/monitoring (uniquely at a detailed session level) the concurrent usage of content, application software and hardware devices currently deployed in your organization, across thousands of devices in minutes. This provides unique empirical factual data to begin to build and define the transformation strategy. The intelligence it delivers, in the form of actionable reports, gives vital insight for determining the selection of best-fit technologies and optimizing the deployment of devices, applications and platforms, whether virtual, web, physical or cloud-based.