Our Vendors

Azlan works with leading vendors in converged infrastructure to ensure that the very best, leading-edge solutions options are always available. We help them to take their propositions to market and resellers to understand and interpret the value and business benefits for customers.

In doing so, we help both you and them to achieve strategic objectives.
Our long, deep and established relationships with companies such as Cisco and HP means that we can provide you with a unique insight and depth of understanding of technologies and processes.

The breadth of our relationships means that, through Azlan, you can meet all the needs of your enterprise customers.
Simply put, we know how they work, and the strength of our partnerships with leading networking and communications technology vendors makes your life easier.
Having a close relationship with our vendor partner means we can keep our technical knowledge right up to date – so we will always be able to offer you intelligent advice and guidance on the very latest products and solutions.

We also know how to get the best out of vendor programs and initiatives – and can help you make the best possible use of their education and accreditation schemes and all the benefits that come from engaging on their partner programmes.

Azlan always has access to the latest vendor information and will keep you right up to date on their strategic plans and product roadmaps.

You can find out more about our key vendor parters by visiting our dedicated microsites.